Bandsaw Blade Tension?

Bandsaw blade tension a key ingredient in setting up your bandsaw for proper usage. Having the proper bandsaw blade tension is also a safety aspect of the bandsaw. Having tension too tight can cause your bandsaw blade to fatigue and break. Running your...

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Building A Wooden Mallet

  please note this article contains affiliate links for better explanation and support   A wooden mallet a project that most woodworkers tackle at some point attack in their woodworking adventure. Whether the project is accomplished on the table saw with a...

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Harbor Freight Dust Collector Some Instuctions Needed

My experience thus far with Harbor Freight dust collector has been a battle here is my story. I have slowly bought more and more tools for my shop and getting it built out to have more of a productive flow. One department I was lacking was with proper dust collection....

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Inside The Kerf

At Inside The Kerf we are passionate about woodworking. It gives you the canvas to create whatever your mind can imagine. There is basically no limit to what you can create in woodworking. Why are you passionate about woodworking? Use @insidethekerf on any social and let us know. Be sure to follow us in our woodworking adventure!