Build Your Own Blanket Ladder

Why Am I Building A Blanket Ladder? If your spouseĀ is anything like mine I am sure you have a lot of "honey-do" items. One of those items that have been on my honey-do list is building a blanket ladder. This whole thing started when one of my wife's work friends had...

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Ridgid Table Saw Review: Ridgid R4512 One Year Later

I purchased the Ridgid table saw over a year ago for my first larger woodworking tool purchase. This rigid table changed the way I did all of my woodworking projects from this stage forward. Previously, all of my woodworking was done with a circular saw. If you think...

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Inside The Kerf

At Inside The Kerf we are passionate about woodworking. It gives you the canvas to create whatever your mind can imagine. There is basically no limit to what you can create in woodworking. Why are you passionate about woodworking? Use @insidethekerf on any social and let us know. Be sureĀ to follow us in our woodworking adventure!