Do you have some interest in getting started in woodworking? Well, you have come to the right place because I am going to give you some tips on beginning woodworking.

Woodworking is a hobby that can be rewarding. It gives you the ability to use wood as a canvas and create anything your mind can imagine.

Beginning Woodworking 

Step 1: Seeking Out Guidance

Ask your friends if they know anybody that is into woodworking. I like for you to start here because this gives you the ability to try woodworking before you actual start investing in equipment.

If you were unsuccessful in finding anyone to let you try out woodworking, the next would be to seeking out a local class. My local tech campus has evening classes. This also gives you the ability to try before you buy. Most teach classes will charge a fee but it is usually a reasonable amount.

Step 2: Gather Some Extra Knowledge

Now that you have got a little taste of woodworking I am sure you’re hooked! My next tip would be spending a week thinking about what projects you might want to start making to build your skill set. I would suggest to head into forums and read as much as you can and just educate yourself with different terms of this wonderful hobby. YouTube will also be a great resource to help start building your knowledge. Here below are some forums and Youtube channels I recommend on beginning woodworking.

Forums:Beginning Woodworking

YouTube Channels:

Just to name a few.

Step 3: Gather Tools

It does not take a lot of tools to get this hobby going. If you have watched any of the YouTuber’s I recommend above you probably noticed their nice equipment. Most of their equipment is called stationary equipment. Basically, you take the wood to the equipment to complete the task. Well, if you are on a budget your going to be using handheld power tools to get started.

I created post on some tools I recommend to get started this week. You can check that out here.

Here are some tools I recommend for beginning woodworking.

With these items laid out above you will be able to create just about anything. The main thing is to get out in the shop and start building and this will increase your woodworking abilities.

Step 4: Material

Now that you have got the tools need to help start creating its now time to source some material. I would suggest starting with just construction grade lumber. There is no need start with expensive hardwoods. You will make mistakes starting out in your measuring, cutting and etc. It happens to the best of us.

Find budget friendly material. 

Use Craigslist to find affordable material. In craigslist theres a section thats just for material. A lot of times you can find some lumber thats dirt cheap for sale. I use it all time and actual get notifications sent to me when something meets my criteria when its posted.

You can use Craigslist to post a wanted add as well. Use it to find scrap material or wood pallets. There is people doing a lot of awesome things with wood pallets these days. Most of the time you can pick up pallets for free.

Step 5: Create

Now it’s time to build! I am sure you have found a lot projects your wanting to create by now. Take your time and start small. Pinterest is a great resource as well for finding project ideas to help get you moving in the right direction.

With the minimalist tool kit, I laid out above and in my other post. It gives you the ability to create in your backyard because there is no big and heavy equipment to move around. Don’t worry though woodworking will suck you in and the big heavy equipment will come soon.

I hope this guide on beginningbeginning woodworking
woodworking helped you see how simple it is to get started and that you will take the first step and seek out some help to get started. Feel free to use the contact page to get ahold of me with any questions.

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