So you now have a CNC router and looking to make a little hard-earned cash with it? We understand we have been there before too!

So we set out to do a little research to see what CNC router projects that sell are available to make. If your CNC router selling wizard already let us know down below what you are making for your customers.

Custom Signage

 Custom signage is definitely a CNC router project that sells like hotcakes. There are stores created around a lot of custom decor/ signage. For example, Hobby Lobby has special themed sections in their stores with custom signage of that theme.


Beyond generic signage making with common sayings and quotes. Personalized stuff is the ticket to lining your pockets with Benjamin’s.

If you’ve never read the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie I would highly recommend it. Especially as a business owner. 


In this book, it talks about how people like to talk about themselves. so having signage around themselves really rakes in the dough. For example, making nursery signage and family-related signs.


Tools for signage

There are a lot of great programs out there for creating custom signage. My personal preference is Vectric v-carve pro. It’s one of the by are easiest to use. Not only can you design in but tool paths can be created extremely easily. 

 I’ve created a few videos on this great software on my YouTube channel. They can be found here.

Commercial Work For Your Local Area Businesses 

Visiting your local Chamber of Commerce website is a great way to drum up some business. Go through and make a list of all the local businesses with a brief description of what they do.


Also, be sure to write down their contact information. Now make a quick little customized project inside of the modeling software of your choice.

Then swing by or send an email and show them what you have to offer. This pounding the pavement approach can be scary but can be very rewarding and lucrative.

Using this method help paid for my CNC machine within a month. Now granted my machine was around the thousand-dollar mark so that wasn’t too hard to achieve.

The great thing about pounding the pavement is building relationships in your town. Word starts to get out and the phone begins to ring.

 There is nothing like word of mouth advertising. This is sure to keep your table full of food.

Furniture Work

 Utilizing your CNC for furniture work. can give you the ability to really do some customized pieces. This makes your work stand out from the rest I can make you a dominant leader in your market area.


CNC routers give us the ability to make complex geometry that wouldn’t normally take hours to complete only take a matter of a few minutes. This makes for a CNC project is definitely going to sell.


What Kind Of Furniture To Make?

Have you ever heard of flat-pack furniture?  It’s quite common in the CNC Market. Flat-pack furniture basically it is like Legos for furniture. Interlocking joints  come together to create a furniture piece 

Take a look at the few samples  I provided below. These should get your creative juices flowing.

Do you have any CNC flat-pack furniture ideas?

Custom Cabinetry 

 Creating custom cabinetry on a CNC router is a breeze. Especially with today’s modern CAM packages. In today’s race the bottom if you’re really running a cabinet shop without a CNC router you running behind.

A CNC router is definitely an investment especially a size of 4’x 8’ or probably even larger. However, it’s an employee that never calls in and doesn’t get tired. They just keep working, well for the most part.

It’s still a machine so it’s going to have its breakdowns here and there but in the long-term, it can work twice as fast as me and you and more precise and let’s not forget the repeatability.


I know some of the old dogs will disagree and say they can build a cabinet just as fast as a CNC router. Maybe it’s true, however, I would still prefer a CNC router that I can count on and will be there every day without the headache of managing people.

Find Your Own Niche Market

Do you have another hobby besides CNC? If so this is a great way to find CNC projects that sell. Maybe you’re into RC planes or RC cars or gaming PCs. 

These are all great ways to add a source of income from your CNC router. There are a lot of different people that use CNC router in this manner.

Not a CNC router example but a CNC example would be knifemaker John Grimsmo. He’s created quite a name for himself in the knife-maker world.

Not only a knife-maker now but with the popularity of his YouTube channel talking about business and his CNC. Thinking outside the box on what are your other interests in your life. Can you build a business around? While still utilizing a CNC router. If so this is a great way to put two passions together and be very successful.

Time and time again, the people that I see in forums and groups, that are making the most money are the ones that have created their own products in a niche market. Well, there’s nothing wrong with signs or any other things that we have discussed this far. Having a niche market is a great way to ensure business success. 


Final Thoughts


As you can tell now after reading this article. There are many different ways to make money with a CNC router. Creating a name for yourself and dominating the niche market is definitely the best approach. This takes time and discipline even when the tough times arrive. Always keep pushing your CNC abilities and techniques to outperform the competition.


 So What CNC router projects are you going to create that sell? Get out in your shop and start creating not just here and there but every day.


Be sure to take a look at our CNC router pricing article. This will ensure that you are setting yourself up for success from the beginning and far into the future.


 If you got some of that article to be sure to take the time to share with a friend that passed with great knowledge on to them.


As always thank you for reading!!

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