Reading A Tape Measure A Dying Skill

Below I have created an infographic and a video on how to read a tape measure efficently. We will refer to this as the “big inch”. This is the main way I learned how to read a tape measure back in middle school woodshop.

How to read a tape measure seems to be a dying skill in today’s society. This could  be attributed to many different factors. One factor I think is the lack of shop classes in today’s school systems. With education cost being cut around the country the shop classes are the first to be slashed. So if you have children or just someone that can’t read a tape measure teach them this valuable skill today.

Break It  Down

Breaking all those overwhelming hash’s down into bit size pieces will help be able to read it more clearly. Everything can be broken down or reduced down to it smallest value to read it more easily.

I created this video to help explain things a little more clearly and also the big inch should help for a little more clarity. Feel free to download and print the infographic for your shop.

Measuring Game To Build Your New Skill

Check it out here


how to read a tape measure


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