Tulsa Custom Furniture

We have a lot of options in for Tulsa custom furniture here in town. We have the big competitors with the chain stores. A huge selection of used furniture as well. Then there is small guys like us. A small Oklahoma shop with a passion for building creating the best quality products possible.

People tend to think when they hear that word custom that they can’t afford it and look elsewhere. This is not the case with Inside The Kerf Woodworks. While we might not be able to beat the roll back prices of that one store. We have fairly competitive pricing with others on the 71st section of town.

Working With Us A Tulsa Custom Furniture Shop

We don’t look at our customers as another dollar amount. Our philosophy is we treat you as we would like to be treated. The relationship we create is more important to us than a dollar. This sets us apart from the other furniture stores in Tulsa. No pushy salesman running you down at the door. Just quality work from a local craftsman looking to build a quality relationship with another Oklahoman.

Our Services

We offer a lot of services at Inside The Kerf Woodworks. I recommend that you check out our services page. Our team has a lot of experience and building and manufacturing many various types of products. If you don’t see it on our services page don’t hesitate to ask us or gives a call at (918) 383-2393.

Below we created some bullet points of things we have recently created.


As you can see we’ve created an array of different things recently. Don’t limit us to this list if you can dream it we can build it. We like to say at Inside The Kerf Woodworks “Imagine it, Design It, Built it.

Here are a few other things we can help you with a Tulsa custom furniture maker that we did not discuss above


  • CNC Router
  • Design
  • Cabinetry
  • Industrial Furniture
  • Islands
  • Benches
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • So Many More, Use Our Contact Page For More Info

Why Support Local Makers

A world of mass-produced items has become the norm for us today. The race for who can make it the least expensive and the fastest. The biggest thing that gets lost in that type of environment is the quality. As a Tulsa custom furniture maker, we provide a quality product that we stand behind. Nothing leaves our shop without being completely ran through a detailed quality checklist.

Inside The Kerf Woodworks not only builds a quality product but quality relationship. The relationship that you will fail to get at the pushy sales stores. Why would you support local makers over the big stores?


What Do I Need To Do To Work With Inside The Kerf Woodworks?

Simply fill out one of the many contact forms we have littered about the site or visit here. Once the form has been filled out we will get in contact with you within 24hrs. The other option is to call  (918) 383-2393.

After we received your call or a submitted form we begin discussing your project. With a foundation of the project laid out, we will begin working on building a 3D model for the project! Not many Tulsa custom furniture shops can provide a nicely rendered model for you. The 3D model is a $100 value for most items sometimes less and that will be deducted from the total of the project.

Although if you choose not go with us as your Tulsa custom furniture maker we will provide all drawings, dimensions, and models to you. Then this can be used for your own creation or another shop can use them to create your project.


We love supporting local Tulsa businesses too. All our lumber is locally milled and sourced keeping everything inside Oklahoma by Oklahomans. Why do you choose to support local businesses? We look forward to working with you on that next project. Like we said above Imagine it, Design it, Build it. What will we build for you?

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