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What is a bench cookie? A bench cookie is sweet delightful treat for woodworkers. HAHA joking aside a bench cookie is one of those things a woodworker doesn’t really realize he needs until he as purchased one and used them. 

Have you already purchased your bench cookie?

 What Exactly Is A Bench Cookie?

A bench is a cookie rubber-coated hockey puck looking figure. The rubber coating has some gripping properties applied to it giving it the ability to stick your bench as well as hold your workpiece in place. 

The bench cookie not only helps lock your workpiece down to your bench but also keeps it up off the work surface to allow for edge treatment applications and other applications.  

Well you might be disappointed know to know they are not a sugary treat but however they are a treat to have in your shop.

Applications Of Using A Bench Cookie

Here are a few applications you might want to use a bench cookie in your workshop. 

  • Sanding
  • Routing 
  • Chamfering
  • Appling finish 
  • And So Much More.

What do you use your bench cookies for? If you haven’t purchased any yet what are you planning to use these cookies for? Let us know down below in the comments.

Where The Cookie May Crumble

While we have talked about the bench cookie quite highly there are a few cons of the bench cookie we have to discuss. While they are not really deal-breakers just things we woodworkers need to be aware of. 

The first thing is the sawdust. Sawdust will need to be kept free and clear of the gripped surface. Just as a tire can become clogged with mud and all traction can be lost these cookies have to be kept clean. 

The sawdust can easily be cleaned with the shop vac or blown out with compressed air. The other small thing to keep in mind is to keep all stains and finishes out of the gripped surface.

As we just discussed the issue with the sawdust stains and finishes are no different in this scenario. Have you discovered any other flaws while using your bench cookies?

Bench Cookie Alternatives

This wouldn’t be an Inside The Kerf article if we didn’t discuss what else is currently on the market. The original bench cookie is manufactured by Bench Dog and started around the 1995 era. 

Other manufacturers have caught on to these product’s success and began to create their own line. Rockler being on those companies. 

Rockler has really begun to make a lot of different accessories for the bench cookie market as you can see below.

The DIY Bench Cookie

My favorite thing is always talking about the DIY version of a product. Which can usually mean saving some money which is something else I love doing. 

So what are the DIY versions available out there? Lee Valley now has the grippy material in a sheet form giving you the ability to make your pucks big or as small and any shape you desire. 

As far as other DIY bench cookie alternatives. Using the material found at the bottom of the kitchen drawers can work. You know what I’m talking about the little rubber stuff that helps keep the silverware in place when you open the drawer.

This stuff can be purchased at the local store and applied to any surface you desire.

Final Thoughts

Well, know that we know what exactly a bench cookie is, how do you plan to use them in your shop? They are a great inexpensive tool to add to your shop and also make a great gift. 

If you enjoyed this article be sure to share it with a friend let them know about these cookies. Or even better purchase them some of these great bench cookies!

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