The Power Of A CNC Router

Having a CNC in your woodworking shop truly elevates your woodworking game.

Taking all of those projects you create throughout the year and adding an extra flair to them.

I’ve come to notice that a lot of people tend to seem intimated by CNC and choose to steer clear.

CNC is nothing to be scared of just takes a little but of understanding before you dive into your very first project. 

NC (numerical controlled) machines have become super powerful to use and program with modern CAD/CAM packages.

I would say in with few hrs you could be cutting your first project with a little guidance.

CNC routers have there uses in so many different applications inside the manufacturing realm. Many which you probably didn’t even know.

For instance, I was lucky enough to get my feet with CNC routers in an aerospace company and we cut many different parts on the router.

Throw a fixture on the table and vacuum it down and it became quite the powerful little machine.

What is A CNC Router Used For?

I mentioned above my experience with CNC router inside an aerospace company.

Now I want to discuss the different environments you would happen to see a CNC router.

Also if you’re reading this article comment below and let us know what you use a CNC router in your application. I have seen CNC routers used for a lot of crazy things including the cutting of titanium.


What is CNC Router Used For In Cabinet Making?

The use of CNC routers in the cabinet making world is huge. This is just my opinion if you run a cabinet shop and haven’t employed a CNC router yet you are falling behind.

I used the word employed because that’s really what a CNC router is in cabinet shop is an employee. An employee that never calls in never shows up late and does the task with zero errors.

In a cabinet environment, CNC routers mostly will cut the carcass along with MDF doors.

Modern-day nesting software is created just for cabinet makers. With the proper nesting software, cabinet parts on sheet stock will increase your yield.

How does that happen? Well with a table saw all your cuts are straight and most of the time all the way across the sheet.

With a CNC router, you have the ability to stop midway through the sheet and move on the next piece.  CNC routers in a cabinet shop really change the game and surely doubles your production at a minimum. 

What Is A CNC Router Used For In Sign Making?

Sign making shops have implemented CNC routers for years. Next time you happen to drive by an apartment complex sign or equivalent take a look at the sign. I’m sure that the sign was more than likely completed on a CNC router.

 A lot of sign makers tend to use HDU which is made with the purpose of signage.

HDU cuts beautiful and with very little health concerns with stuff floating around during the cutting operations.

 Using a CNC router in a sign making shop the operators have the ability to cut a lot of different materials to complete the job.


  • Foam
  • Aluminum
  • Plastics
  • Wood
  • Composites

As we discussed in the cabinet making side of things signmakers have the same ability to really maximum amount of yield from there stock with modern CAD/Nesting software.

 How do you utilize a sign router in your sign making business? Let us know about it below.

What Is A CNC Router Used For 3D Work?

Have you seen some of the crazy 3D work people have created on CNC router? If not I have linked a video down below.

 A lot of 3D work is completed for different signage and some out of pure enjoyment of what they are creating as hobbyist and professional.

 Some homes will even have amazing 3D architectural work implemented into them.

 3D work on the router is achieved when all the axis are working in unison, x,y, and z move fluidly together creating unique geometry on the workpiece.

 Below I have linked one of my favorite channels on Youtube that really shows some amazing working that can be created on CNC router in 3D format.

 What would you create in a 3D on CNC router? Let us know down below.

What Is A CNC Router Used For In Aerospace?

I have a lot of expertise in this sector of the article. Running CNC router in the aerospace environment is where I cut my teeth on CNC and understanding programming.

Its even what gave me the inspiration to build my DIY CNC.

Weight savings in airplanes is oblivious majorly important, so, for this reason, a lot the components are made from a grade of aluminum.

Cutting aluminum sheet stock on a CNC router is quite easy with the combination of a vacuum table at your disposal.

Most sheets purchased are 144” long and can be loaded on the bed off the router and then parts are nested and cut.

Were from the router than be either broke or moved along to a hydroforming operation. Many parts I have cut over the years have even utilized a fixture. 

The fixture can vacuumed down to the table and then indicated in and then more complex parts be machined on the router.

A wide of array of composite and honeycomb materials are machined on the bed of CNC router as well in aerospace applications.

What Do You Use Your CNC Router For?

What do you use your CNC router for in your shop? Tell us down below in the comments. I built my CNC originally to make some extra cash for my shop.

 Which I have down successfully so far. Now I am pivoting and tending to find that I’m using my CNC for more of a educational resource.

 I get a great joy in taking the time to share what I have learned and passing it along to others.

 Currently, I am in the process of putting a CNC course together to help individuals become confident with CNC routers in their woodworking endeavors.

 If there’s an aspect of CNC that really intimates you be sure to email us and we will do our best to add it our curriculum.

 Do you get any value out of this article? If so be sure to spread the word and let others know about it. We are going to continue to pump out great content like this.

 One last thing is to take the time to visit our YouTube channel we have a lot of great fusion 360 videos we have been hammering out to help you out!


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