At Inside The Kerf Woodworks we love building and making just about anything. As a Tulsa custom furniture maker, we make a wide variety of different items for clients. We know trying to find that custom piece that fits your taste can be difficult to find in the Tulsa area. Inside The Kerf has a tagline that says imagine it, build it, design it. What can we build for you?

Why Do You Need Custom Wood Furniture?

Well, possibly the most obvious is quality! Quilty furniture as Tulsa custom furniture maker is a key principle in our business. If you ever moved from one home to other or helped a friend of a family member. I’m sure you helped them move some of their furniture and most likely some piece of the wood-like furniture became damaged or broken.

This is due to the mass production environment the piece of furniture was built in. Most likely the poor material choice played a factor as well. In the high production environments, MDF or particle board is the material of choice. MDF is a compressed sheet of glues and sawdust to create a sheet good material. Once this material comes into contact with water it swells just about instantly. Making it a poor choice to for long-term furniture solution.

Now that piece of furniture has been damaged a replacement piece of furniture will have to purchase. The average person moves 11 times according to the US census. This means every time you move every other when a piece of furniture becomes damaged during a move it will have to replace.

Now if you have chosen to purchase more of solid handcrafted piece of furniture that can handle a little bit of a abuse during moves it will last you much much longer than mass-produced furniture. While the upfront cost of choosing custom furniture could be a greater expense, in the long run, it will save you more money!


Some Of The Items We Have Built In The Past

  • Beds
  • Cribs
  • Desks
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee Tables
  • End Tables
  • Nightstands
  • Benches
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • And So Much More!

Why Choose US A Tulsa Custom Furniture Maker?

  • Quality

    • We choose nothing but the best locally sourced materials we possibly can find. Most of our hardwoods come from local sawmills and locally harvested trees. The products we provided to our customers are built with a special attention to detail that is built to sustain the test of time!
  • Honesty

    • We don’t keep you in the dark on your project. We tell it like it is.
  • Our Experience

    • Not only our years of experience in building quality products. But the experience we provide to our customers managing their project from the start to the finish. The 3D models we provide to the up-to-date progress photos we send throughout the project experience.
    • It’s not only our support during the project but after the project, we pride ourselves on. It’s not about the numbers for us it’s about building the relationships with our customers as Tulsa custom furniture maker.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to begin the process of working with us? Or you do have some more questions about how we can serve or anything else? Don’t hesitate on giving us a call @( 918) 383-2393 or fill out the contact us form below. We look forward to being your Tulsa custom furniture maker!

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