We love building dining tables at Inside The Kerf Woodworks. A dining table in a home is such a special place. It’s the place where everyone in the family sits together and discuss their day, laugh, play games and just enjoy everyone’s company. We love being able to play a role in that.

Tulsa Dining Tables With A Splash Of You!

Choosing Inside The Kerf Woodworks to build your dining table is not just another transaction for us. We look to build a customer relationship and give you the best possible experience in building your dining table. Our job is not complete until your 100% happy with the product you have received.

Our first objective is making you excited about the project you’re going to receive to do that we will provide a 3D model of great detail of how your table will look. All this will be done before we cut a single piece of wood. This extra step of detail helps ensure that our ideas are what you the customer actually want in a dining table built truly for you.

Providing a model takes on average 2-2.5hrs which is a normally a $100 value but when choosing to take your project to the next level the amount is deducted from the purchase of the table.  

Materials We Can and Like To Work With

When building a dining table in the Tulsa area we have a lot of great sawmill choices to choose from within a 100-mile radius. This gives us the ability to provide a very unique table over our other competitors in the Tulsa dining table market. We buy all materials from small local suppliers and believe in keeping our money in Oklahoma to help support our fellow Oklahomans.


  • Walnut
  • Cherry
  • Ash
  • Alder
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Hackberry
  • Pecan
  • Various Steels
  • Epoxy
  • (So Many More We Can’t Even List Them All)


Styles of Dining Tables For Tulsa Area

We have a tagline at Inside The Kerf Woodworks and that is Imagine it, Design it, Built it. So you as a customer just have to help imagine it and we can help you with over two pieces of the puzzle to make your dream become a reality in your dining room table needs. Here are few different ideas to get the ball rolling in the dining tables we have built in the Tulsa area.

  • Farmhouse
  • Industrial
  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Whatever you can imagine

Process Of Inside The Kerf Building Dining Table For You

We built these quick few steps to help show how the process of getting your table from an idea into your dining room works. This is a system that has been proved to work and customers love the workflow we have integrated into our custom built furniture process not only our dining tables.

Step 1 Inquiry

You have stumbled about us somehow in the wild world of the internet or some from advertisement. Or even possible through that friend of a friend trail. The proper form has been filled out with correct contact information and submitted.

Step 2 Email & Phone Call

Once we have received the contract form we send an email giving you a heads up that we will be giving you a call and thanking you for inquiry. We like to set up a time to do a quick 10 min phone call to get to know more about your project and you as a human. We set designated time to give you a call we feel like helps not catch you off guard. Although we know your living on Tulsa time we understand your busy and like to find convenient times to call our potential customers.

Step 3 Deciding On A Table Design, Material, And Finishes/Booking

During our call, we will discuss designs, material choices and potential finishing choices. This is the point where we want to hear what you want out of a dining table. We give you the ability to design your table from the ground up or choose from one of our designs. At this point, we will work out the details with 3D models our modeling fee is a flat rate of $100 deposit up front to cover our time. This total will be deducted from the cost of our table. If you choose to look for other options for a dining table we provide the 3D renderings and drawings with dimensions to you for your deposit. Once all decisions have been made we require a 50% deposit. This helps ensure that you are a serious customer and not just a tire kicker. The other 50% will be required on the day of delivery or pickup. All this information will be discussed in your call.

Step 4 Progress Photos

We love to send progress photos to our customers to show them the progress of there dining table and a little bit of the behind the scenes. Customers absolutely love this about us. Being able to see the raw material of their dining table be turned into something great. These photos will be emailed once again at the end of the project in one big folder for later viewing entertainment via email.

Step 5 Delivery

Upon completion of your dining table, it’s time for delivery or pickup. Our location is in rural creek county and you’re more than welcome to come out to see our little slice of heaven out here. But we do have the ability to deliver to you and this is the most common option. We have one set delivery day which is a late Saturday run or all day Sunday. The fee for this service normally runs 30-50 dollars. Special accommodations can be made if these days do not work.

That’s It Your New Dining Table Has Found A Home

Your new dining table has found a home in the Tulsa area. Ready for parties, social gathers, holidays or the monthly bills. Our work is a step above the rest paying attention to every possible detail to produce the best product. We hope you take the time to fill out the brief form below to let us build your next dining table.

Let Us Build You're Dining Table

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