I Love Woodworking


I love woodworking, there I said it! It seems like a lot people are afraid of using the “L” word nowadays. So, the word love is defined as such “an intense feeling of deep affection”.

So, why do I love woodworking and have a deep affection for it? Because with my two hands, I am able to build something from my imagination to be used and appreciated.

Also, Pride is another reason. The ability┬áto sit back and look at a project I completed that what hard work that was put into it. At times, we take for granted what’s all around us and the effort that went into create that object, that software, this post and etc.

Woodworking gives you the ability to see every step of the way right in front of you in real time.

3 years ago, I built a farmhouse dining table for my wife and I. Looking back on it now, I remember how much time I spent trying to perfect every detail with it, especially trying to get the top of it to be perfectly flat and making sure the table was to my liking.

There’s nothing like the ability to sit and that table and being able to say I built it. You more than likely┬áhave projects like this that bringing a great sense of pride to you.

So, I know this post doesn’t have much actionable content for you as reader but I am more ranting on the point to enjoy the time you get to spend in the shop. If its only 15 minutes a night cherish that time and remember why you began to love woodworking. Its ok to say it.

I would love to hear from everyone that reads. Let me know how you got started in woodworking and what it means to you.

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I love woodworking

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